Men’s Ministry (Forge)

Men’s Ministry is offering two classes this Fall:

Class 1: Authentic Manhood: 33 The Series vol. 6 – A Man and His Fatherhood 
This class continues through the 33 Series, focusing on A Man and His Fatherhood. This curriculum provides timeless truths and practical insights on how we can live to be the men God intended for us to be. The series will fuel men who are committed to follow the courageous footsteps of Jesus into authentic manhood, men who will reject passivity, accept responsibility, lead courageously and invest eternally.
We will provide an inspiring vision of family from God’s bigger perspective.

Cost: $35 includes workbook and catered celebration dinner on Nov 13.
When: Tuesdays Evenings | 6:30-8:30pm | Sept 18 – Nov 13

Class 2: In Depth Psalms Study: Honest to God Living
Through an inductive study of the book of Psalms, we will discover the freedom of being “honest to God” about life’s surprises, trials, struggles and blessings. From facing our external enemies to being real about our internal faith struggles, the Psalms speak to the heart of each of us no matter where we are in the journey with the LORD. Be prepared to be changed as the Holy Spirit guides us into a deeper relationship with our Awesome LORD through the songs of worship, praise and the prayers of God’s people.

Cost: $35 includes workbook and catered celebration dinner on Nov 13.
When: Tuesday Evenings | 6:30-8:30pm | Sep 18 – Nov 13
This class will require 3-5 hours homework per week.