Men’s Fraternity


IMens-Fraternity-Bannerf you had to answer the question, “What is a Man, could you do it without having to think too much about it? Would your definition clearly declare the necessary and sufficient conditions as portrayed in the life of our Role Model, Jesus Christ?  What are those conditions that a Man must possess in order to be called a Man? Has your definition been tainted at all by the media’s or society’s conception of what constitutes masculinity?

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What if the question were phrased this way, “How does a boy know when he becomes a man?”  By what set of criteria does a boy determine when he has crossed that proverbial threshold from boyhood to Manhood? Your criteria? The world’s? Our culture’s? And who tells him when he has met those criteria, or where he may be lacking, and therefore needs to improve before he earns the title, “Man.”

Here’s my point. If you are a man in our culture today and you do not have a Clear & Compelling definition of Manhood on which you base your life, and if you are merely wandering through life from problem to problem, responsibility to responsibility, with no meaningful vision of where you are heading as a Man, may I offer a suggestion?


Men’s Fraternity has changed my life. I can practically guarantee that it will change yours as well, especially if you weren’t sure how to answer any of those questions I just layed out. Join our Fraternity and discover that you are not alone. We all struggle with the same challenges, the same temptations, the same discouragements and doubts. But together, we can overcome them. We need our brothers!

The Men’s Fraternity groups launch in the Fall each year and meet anywhere from 18 to 26 weeks depending on which year of the curriculum you choose.  You can go to the Men’s Fraternity website at to learn more about the Founder, Robert Lewis, and about the program.  Feel free to contact Bill Thomas at or on The City for more information about Bridgeway’s Fraternity groups.